Adventures on the LA Metro – Part II, The Gold Line

Gold Line – Now we’re getting serious.  The yellow line of the Metro goes from East LA to Pasadena by way of downtown.  Now, because I apparently enjoy punishing myself with endless driving (my nemesis), I’m dating someone who lives up in the idyllic land of Pasadena that, though only 20 miles away from me, feels like a completely different planet.  Unfortunately, a 20-mile drive that should only take 30 minutes can take an hour at the wrong time of day.  So, on a lazy Saturday, I thought I’d try my luck at taking the train up there, so I could be ready to use it if I needed to get over the hills without spending an hour in mind-numbing traffic.  I took the Red Line to Union Station, and then took the Gold Line up to Pasadena.  All in, the trip took about 1 hour, 15 minutes, about double the drive time on a Saturday.

Contrary to the crowds of a Dodger game Saturday, the Red Line had people, but not a crowd.  It was easy to find a seat for the 25-minute ride downtown.  When the line ends and we all disembarked, I headed up the nearby stairs to the train platform.  That’s right, the Gold Line is not a subway like the Red Line.  It’s an above ground train.  Sitting on above ground train, I can’t help but imagine that I’m an overly romantic young lady without a large version in search of love and a husband in a Jane Austen novel from the 1830s.  I lean my bonnet against the window and dream about my Mr. Darcy.  Oops, I can sense I’m getting off track.  So I’m riding the train and it’s fun and scenic, and because I don’t have to watch the road, I scribbled a draft scene of the script I’m currently working on in my notebook.  Look at me being productive!  Around downtown Pasadena, the train takes a turn for the ugly as the track starts to run down the middle of I-210.  So the cute little neighborhood view I had was replace with cement and freeway (isn’t this what I was trying to avoid?), although it was pretty impressive how the train could almost keep up with the cars.  I rode the train the Sierra Madre station, which is a confusing stop, I later learned that it has a passenger pickup area, but I couldn’t find it.  Overall, it’s not a journey I would take every day, but for a day when a long drive and the cost of gas to make it is an unappealing thought, the Metro is a great, if a little slow, alternative.


~ by sarahjeanne on July 18, 2012.

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